Build a Simple Pitch Gage.  This article shows how to make a pitch gage from thin cardboard to check the blades of your prop. The link is: a Simple Pitch Gage.pdf

Build a Simple Torque Meter. You can build a torque meter to measure important parameters for getting the most out of your rubber motors. The link is: a Simple Torque Meter.pdf

Flying on Partial motors.
  Partial motors can save a lot of time when trimming models and learning the best length and weight of motors for your model. The link is: on Partial Motors.pdf

How to Make a Flight Log.  Recording certain parameters for your flights will help you get more consistent results. This article also discusses getting the right flight trim. The Link is: to Make a Flight Log.pdf

Plastic Films and How to Cover With Them. There are many films that can be used on indoor models. Selecting the right one is easy with this article. The link is: Films and How to Cover With Them.pdf

Making Tissue Tubes.  The link is: Tissue Tubes.pdf